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Langfang Xinghe Industry Co., Ltd is located in Wenan economic development zone in Hebei province, to produce,sellservice and lease suspended platform professionally. To facilitate export business, our company set up Xinghe Import and Export Co., Ltd in Langfang, as the international trade department directly under Langfang Xinghe Industry Co., Ltd, not only sell ZLP series suspended platforms, special suspended platforms and its spare parts from Langfang Xinghe Industry Co., Ltd, but also can offer spare parts of the hoist from other manufactures. At present, the business scale is getting larg... [MORE + ]

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Langfang Xinghe Industry Co.,Ltd




Address:Wen'an Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province



1、Our technicians provide 24 hours of quick response to support online technical guidance.
2、If your order is up to our requirements, we can arrange our technical team to install the equipment in your country.

Why Choose Us

1、Focus on suspended platform design and manufacture more than 10 years.
2、All of the components are produced by ourselves workers, the quality and the delivery time can be ensured.

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